3 Tips To Make Your User Engagement Rates Soar

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In the age of TV binge watching and movies making more than a billion dollars at the worldwide box office, consumers are spending a great deal of time with media.  Netflix announced at the end of 2017 that its subscribers on average watched 1 billion hours of content a week. 


With this much interest in media, particularly movies, TV shows and video games, offering content that helps consumers find what they are looking for could make your website or app engagement rates soar.  Here are three tips on leveraging movie, TV and video game metadata, images and trailers to your advantage.


  1. Theatrical movies drive traffic. Users seek to inform themselves about new movie release information, cast lists, directors, nearest theatres, ticket purchasing and voraciously watch the latest trailers and clips.  Using IVA’s APIs, you can easily order new titles by release date and feature new trailers on your homepage. When trailers for big titles come out, it is a major online event and some have generated over 200 million views in 24 hours.  Theatrical trailers are also shared frequently on social media. 
  2. Binge watching is not a fad.  With Netflix, Amazon and Hulu all investing billions of dollars in original content, there are more new TV shows to watch now than ever.  With IVA data, inform your users about shows airing this week or hitting the OTT platforms. Help them find the content they were looking for and they will be coming back to you for all their searches.  Send out email alerts or let your users create “watch” lists and use recommendations to find similar content.
    • Solution: Entertainment News (includes Theatrical Movies, TV shows and video games released in last 30 days).
  3. Video and audio will generate 89% of this year’s consumer Internet data traffic. (Deloitte 2018).  Trailers and clips are also one of the most watched content types online.  When you place video above the fold and use a carousel for clips, trailer versions, and featurettes, users will typically play at least two videos.  With video on page, you can expect to see on average a 157% increase in organic traffic from search engines, a 105% increase of time on site, and 2 times overall conversion compared to a non-video marketing strategy (Brightcove 2015).
    • Solution:  All Access (includes links to almost 200K unique videos related to movies, TV and games as well as all related metadata and images).


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