AdQ: The Goal of Efficiency and Automation

  |   AdQ Video

virtual-ad-opsIn the January 8, 2016 edition of Real-Time Daily, Tobi Elkin reports that more than 80% of publishers are using programmatic solutions to sell digital advertising. Over 85 premium publishers were surveyed, with nearly half agreeing that it’s the future of their digital advertising business.

The Washington Post’s Jeff Burkett, senior director, sales operations and product strategy, noted “Premium and automated guaranteed have a lot of promise for our industry, but there is much more work needed in order to accomplish the true goal of efficiency and automation.” We agree with that conclusion, and we suggest that AdQ, our performance-based video ad platform, achieves that goal.

AdQ is a sophisticated virtual ad ops team that continually monitors and adjusts your ad sources based on several important criteria: your real-time fill rates, time to completion, abandonment rates, and the all-important User Experience (U/X). This ensures that as an ad network or a publisher, you don’t need a large, costly ad ops team on hand to do all this work. Because AdQ is working all the time behind the scenes, you can be sure that you’re always getting the best possible ads at the best possible times.

AdQ scales to your needs, integrates seamlessly with other ad platforms, and offers real-time reporting so you can see how your ads are doing at a glance. If you’re a publisher or ad network looking for a programmatic solution to sell digital advertising, look no further an AdQ.

Head over to and sign up for a free trial. It’s the future of digital advertising today.