Americans Online – Yep, They’re On the Phone!

  |   Research and Statistics

A new study from the Pew Research Center’s Internet & American Life project shows that nearly two-thirds of mobile users in the United States go online using their smart phone.  This is particularly true for the 18-29 demographic where mobile phones have become their main Internet device.  It’s also true for African-American and Hispanic cell phone users, as well as for Americans with lower incomes.

Let’s look some key findings from the study:

  • 91% of all Americans now own a cell phone
  • 56% of Americans own smart phones
  • 63% of adult cell owners use their phones to go online (55% in 2012)
  • 93% of smartphone owners use their phone to go online
  • 57% of all American adults are ‘cell internet users’ (i.e. do email or browse the internet)
  • 34% of cell internet users mostly go online using their cell phone
  • 21% of all cell owners mostly go online using their phones

The demos:

  • Young People:  85% of 18-19 cell owners use their phone to go online.
  • Ethnicity:  74% of African-American cell owners and 68% of Hispanic cell owners are online
  • Education – 74% with college degrees use cell phones to go online
  • Income – 79% with income of $75K+ go online with their phones


The study was conducted as a survey of 2,252 adults between April 17 and May 19th of 2013.  The Pew report is available here.