Announcing the IVA Charts

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Each week dozens of new movie trailers go out to a potential worldwide audience of nearly 400 million people through IVA’s affiliate network and each month there are over 35 million plays. Over the years we’ve seen a high correlation between these user initiated trailer plays and success on the screen – whether it’s in the theater, on a mobile device, or on IPTV.  So we’ve decided to let our many content and affiliate partners see for themselves what’s happening with trailer plays at IVA.

We have created two charts one for the titles that are releasing ‘this week”, and one for the titles that are ‘coming soon’.  Both measure user-initiated trailer plays to gauge interest in a movie prior to theatrical release.

  • Most Popular Movies Releasing This Week:  This chart shows the percent of interest for titles being released in theaters each week as gauged by trailer plays across our network for the previous 7 days. The number of titles on the chart will vary from week to week depending on how many titles are being released, but will generally range from between 4 – 10.
  • Top 40 Most Anticipated Movies:  This chart ranks consumer interest in the top 40 movies not yet in theatrical based on trailer plays across the IVA network.  In addition to the current week’s ranking, the chart shows the ranking for the previous week, the % of growth in plays over the prior week, the number of weeks the trailer has been available, and the number of days to theatrical release.  Ranking is based on cumulative trailer plays, while growth is based on the most recent week-over-week change in plays.

Only titles for which we have trailers are eligible to be included on the IVA charts since chart activity is based on user initiated trailer plays. Duplicate counting and manipulation are prevented by monitoring only unique user requests within the appropriate timed interval.

The IVA charts will be featured on the home page of VideoDetective 3.0 as well as on  Reproduction of the charts is authorized with attribution.  IVA clients will be able to use the charts as the basis for comparison to their own trailer activity.

Click to see the new IVA Charts.