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APIs to Answer What’s On TV or What’s In Theaters

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Integrations for TV Grid API (EPG Data) and Movie Showtimes

IVA is dedicated to keep building on our award-winning APIs and offer you the entire entertainment ecosystem in one suite of APIs.  We are always reviewing new partnerships and have two new ones to announce: TV Media and MovieTickets.

TV Media provides detailed TV grid data for PayTV operators throughout North America.  Want to know what is on Comedy Central at 9pm tomorrow night?  Query away.

With our MovieTickets integration, get the showtimes to the nearest theatre to you and see what movies are playing and what times by screen.  We have over 24,000 screens and know what movie is playing on each at what times.





  • US and Canadian channel lineups and television programming information for antenna, cable, satellite and IPTV providers
  • Access up to 14 days of guide data and television listings
  • Programming information updated every two hours
  • API Response includes link to IVA enhanced program metadata, images, posters, trailers, and other videos


Check out the Visual Documentation on our developer portal.


Showtimes API


  • Over 240 theater chains
  • International coverage


Check out the Visual Documentation on our developer portal.


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