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APIs to Accelerate Time to Market

Integrate IVA’s APIs and Build Amazing Entertainment Experiences Across Any Screen

All of IVA’s Solutions include underlying APIs that can be easily integrated and build dynamic entertainment discovery applications across any screen.  Each solution offers different levels of content access. By implementing with IVA’s APIs, if a client needs more content access, IVA can upgrade your solution without the need to make code changes.  With timely updates of new data every day, never miss a new movie, TV show or game that is coming out.


Creating an API architecture also allows IVA to connect its data to other APIs such as Metacritic, Fandango,, and more.  This way, clients have modularity in their ability to use IVA’s data and add the services that meet their needs.


IVAs APIs use Microsoft Azure’s API Management layer so clients can see reports on number of calls, average response time, usage, operations and more.  With full documentation, SDK and code samples, developers, companies can reduce their time to market. IVA also provides a knowledgeable customer service staff that can walk you through best practices and help you take advantage of all the data that IVA offers.  


IVA has worked with developers at Fortune 50 companies to startups and after 15 years of experience has created the best-in-class APIs for entertainment content discovery.

Choose a Solution and Implement With These APIs

Access data about movies, TV shows and games
Get birth dates, bios, filmographies, etc.
Get posters, set photos, celebrity images and more
Access trailers, clips, behind-the-scenes videos and more
Detailed video play data
Most popular movies, TV shows and celebrities
North American TV listings data in 14 day window
Lookup tables by key metadata points
Metascores for movies and TV shows
Content recommendations made simple and fast
Easy way to caption and translate IVA video content
Add showtimes on your page and links to ticketing
Easily upload proprietary programs and videos