Best Practices for Displaying Trailers on IPTV

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IVA has been helping companies incorporate trailers into their websites and apps for over ten years, so we’ve had a chance to see a lot of different approaches to implementing video.  We have developed the following design guide to help companies get the most out of the trailers, images, and information that are available from IVA.

There are three main components available from IVA for use in implementing trailers:  the images, the program information, and the video.

Design for Big Screen TV

Let’s look first at the Video Detective channel on Sony Bravia TV.   This is big screen TV, so we have lots of real estate to work with. Consumers who come to the channel are looking for movie trailers, and eventually for movies that they might be interested in watching, so they are in a ‘browse’ mode.  With that in mind, the channel starts with a slide show of ten featured movies using movie stills with the movie title below each image.  The images are created using IVA’s Custom Image Service which allows resizing of images and changing aspect ratios to make the images work in a variety of applications.


Below the slide show are thumbnail images for Coming Soon movies.  The menu on the left lets the consumer change to other lists such as movies that are ‘in theaters’ or ‘new on DVD’.


Clicking on any of the images takes you to a title page for the movie.  Here, in addition to the title we offer some basic information that includes the running time, the year of release, the genre, the cast, and a short synopsis.  Many companies use a data company and can take advantage of the space available on a big screen to show even more information about a movie.

BraviaMovieInfoRecommendHighlight-clean2 (1)


Because the consumer is still in browse mode, this is a good time to offer them other titles which we do in the ‘You Might Also Like” section at the bottom.

Big Screen Video
Once the consumer gets to the title page, they are ready to watch the video, so the ‘’Play” button is featured prominently below the main image of the movie.  Some sites use “Play trailer”, “Play video”, or just ‘trailer’ as the button language.  Other sites simply display the play ‘arrow’ across the thumbnail.


Over 30,000 IVA movie trailers are available in HD so they look terrific on a big screen TV, and we’ve taken advantage of that on the Video Detective channel by making our player take up the whole screen.  That also means our player bar is very clean, and we have room for the Video Detective logo at the bottom of the page.


That’s it!  Best of luck with your design.