Big Data and Second Screens

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It has been a busy year on the road for IVA,  with strong showings at a variety of events: CES, NATPE, Media Summit, and TVConnect during Q1, and Digital Hollywood, Cinemacon, and the Cable Show during Q2.  We’ve seen lots of gadgets, apps, screens and solutions over the past 6 months but two themes remained constant throughout the panels, keynotes, and exhibit halls; Big Data and the Second Screen.  Let’s look at what these two buzz words mean to IVA and our networks of partners and clients.

Big Data

In a world where every click, search, save and share is tracked and stored, data has been piling up with no end in sight.  Storage and management of that data, so that it can be made useful later, is a huge challenge.  The task is worth it because companies that can successfully gather and analyze big data show big results when applying their findings to their sales and marketing strategies.

IVA has its own ‘big data’: millions of trailers are delivered by IVA each day, which means lots of data on what’s being watched, along with where  and when.  Lots of data is good, but good data is even better, so IVA has moved  away from sampled data in favor of real time analytics.   This means our clients can take full advantage of big data much more quickly and more frequently

Our brand new Media Manager puts big data front and center with up-to-the-second data on a client’s most popular content, views per session, engagement by browser or operating system, geography and more.  This data will help IVA customers gain insight to their user’s viewing habits.



Second Screen

Every week shows evidence of  increasing penetration of connected devices in the home, which means more than one screen is often on at the same time.   Whether it’s interacting with social media during a show or an immersive post-air experience, second screen activities on smartphones and tablets are turning passive viewers into active ones.

A viewer’s experience no longer ends when the credits role which means content owners,  app developers and cable operators are all duking it out for control of the second screen.   But where does the true opportunity lie?  Does it exist in generating revenue through advertising and e-commerce, or in simply adding value and driving viewership?  You guessed it, it’s both.  It’s finding the balance between the two that’s the trick.

Video content is an integral part of the second screen experience. (See the recent study from The Diffusion Group.)  A beautiful UI filled with rich media can be the second screen sweet spot. To make sure our clients can offer video of the very best quality to their users, IVA recently added  adaptive formats (HLS, HDS, HSS).  Adaptives plus a wide variety of MP4s ensure that users watching content on smartphones and tablets get a premium viewing experience every time.   And of course, we continue to add content to our catalog: new TV programs, new foreign films, new games, new indie movies.

As we watch the full potential of the second screen get harnessed, one thing is certain; it’s IVA powering all those stunning trailers and previews.