Binge Watching Favored By Majority of Video Viewers

  |   Research and Statistics

We’ve been hearing about the phenomenon of ‘binge viewing’ for a while, and now there are some stats out from Piksel that document this new trend in consumer behavior.

In a nutshell?   Some kind of binge viewing is happening with an impressive 94% of the respondents to the Piksel survey. 

What does that actually mean?  For 16% of viewers it means watching every episode in a series as quickly as possible, and for another 16% it means watching an episode or two every couple of days.  For the majority (62%) it means some combination of the two.

Here are a few other interesting findings:

  • 65% have stayed up ‘way too late’ to binge watch a show
  • only 11% are still watching favorite shows ‘live’
  • 64% prefer having every episode of a series available at once
  • 20% have cut the cord on pay TV

 Here’s a little info on the respondents:

  • Gender:  62% male, 38% female
  • Nationality:  72% US, 15% UK, 13% 21 other countries
  • Age:  30% 25 – 34, 36% 35 – 44, 21% 45 – 54
  • Income:  29% <$75K, 34% $75K – $150K, 37% >$150K

See the full Piksel Binge Viewing Survey results.