Broadband Kept Growing in 2013

  |   Research and Statistics

LeichtmanlogoAh the IVA Number Nerds found some numbers that kept smiles on their faces again this week. Leichtman Research Group’s latest report on broadband shows that 2.6 million additional high-speed Internet subscribers were added in 2013 among the 17 largest U.S. cable and telco providers. This brings the total to 49.3 million broadband subscribers for the cable companies and 35 million subscribers for the telephone companies for a grand total of 84.3 million broadband subscribers. These numbers represent 93% of the market in the U.S. and 95% of the total net broadband additions recorded for 2012.

“With top telco providers focused on upgrading customers from DSL to fiber broadband services, cable providers accounted for over 80% of the net broadband adds in 2013,” notes Bruce Leichtman, President and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, Inc.

Another interesting finding from the report includes the addition of 3.3 million fiber subscribers for AT&T and Verizon in 2013 against a loss of 3.05 million DSL subscribers.

The Number Nerds are happy of course because more broadband homes means more people getting great looking trailers onto their screens even faster.

Here’s the Leichtman chart on Broadband subscribers: