Candle: The Making Of

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Review by Rebecca Horovitz, Acquisitions Coordinator, Games

Candle by Teku Studios came out early this month and I got the chance to play through it with my friend, each of us working on the puzzles together. Candle is a wonderfully beautiful hand painted challenging point and click puzzle adventure. For the studio’s first game is is absolutely amazing: the imagery is gorgeous, I can’t state that enough, the overarching theme a well known one that can never be told enough, there are very few glitches, and most of the puzzles are extremely fun.  It receives and 9/10 from me, and here is why.

There needs to be a warning label for how difficult some of the puzzles are. They are a bit unreasonable, but that’s personal opinion. The rest of the puzzles are extremely gratifying and challenging. What seems like simple ambiance or a fun quirk, like marsh flies buzzing about,  is probably an important clue. Notice EVERYTHING.

There are two technical problems;  they are minor, short lived, and easily fixed or ignored; which is amazing for the first game a company has made. One involves some sound glitching out, and the other is a delay in the controls that only lasts for one scene. Finally there are a few grammatical errors, perhaps from translating Spanish into English.

The problems are extremely overshadowed by the successes. The story is a new one tackling an old problem, and it does very very well, with a good voice. The art of the game deserves a medal for how seamless, immersive, and beautiful it is; and you should go watch the video on making the game right now.  I can not wait to see what beautiful piece of art they create next.