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Celebrity API Now Available

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More Data, More Pages, More Engagement

Internet Video Archive (IVA) just released its Celebrity API.  The stars really come out with access to over 1 million celebrity metadata records including birth date, birth name, gender, alternate names, social media ID’s and images.  Using image recognition, IVA has generated facial analysis data including position, age, landmarks, emotions, and more.

 Used in tandem with IVA’s movie and TV database, developers can create new pages or enhance U/I experiences with performer data, images, filmographies, and more.

 With celebrities always trending in search, you can capitalize on your user’s interest in them and create longer engagement rates and more page views.

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Sign up now to test the data and see how easy it is to integrate.  The following tools make it easy for you to demo the data and get a clear picture of how to implement.