Darian Jerard Bagley, IVA’s Very Own Emmy Award Winner

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Darian Bagley joined the IVA staff last March as our Content Acquisitions Manager for TV. Building up our library of TV previews is a very high priority for IVA these days so we’re excited about having a dedicated staff position for the task.
Darian comes from the television biz where he has an extensive background as a writer, producer, videographer, and editor. He’s got some big name places on his resume, including WHYY, the PBS affiliate in Philadelphia; WCAU, the NBC affiliate, and Time Warner Cable. One of Darian’s early jobs was with Bill Cosby Productions on the show “You Bet Your Life”. Mr. Cosby nicknamed Darian ‘Denzel Washington’. Both Denzel and Bill Cosby’s TV show are among Darian’s favorites now.

Darian_Emmy_OfficeDarian has done everything from write scripts, set up sound and lights, record footage, on camera work, edit pieces, and cut the promos. All that expertise has paid off for Darian with 12 mid-Atlantic Emmy Award nominations and two wins for his work as Producer for ‘The Sounds of Philadelphia”. Recently, Darian has started to share his expertise as an instructor teaching video and film production to grade schoolers all the way to college kids.

“One thing that people don’t know about me is that I use to be a bouncer at nightclubs in Philadelphia.  It’s like when people go out to Hollywood and pick up a job as a waiter while they pursue their career in acting.  That’s what bouncing was for me, and it paid off.  It kept me in the loop and allowed me to pursue a career in TV.”

The nightclub connection paid off again since that’s how Darian knows IVA’s Rhodes Mason who booked a Philly club and is the guy who invited Darian to come work for us.   Notes Rhodes “Darian’s background as a producer on television content and his enthusiasm for the medium made him a clear candidate to represent IVA to the networks.”

Since Darian joined our team our TV content has really begun to climb – in fact we’ve tripled the number of TV previews added from April to June.   Go Darian!

We asked Darian to give us some of some of his entertainment favorites:

Favorite Classic TV:       The Cosby Show
Favorite Current TV:      Spongebob Squarepants, (yep he’s got two young sons)
Favorite Animated TV:   The Cleveland Show, American Dad, Bob’s Burgers (“The writers on these shows are geniuses.”)

Favorite Actor:                Denzel Washington
Favorite Actress:             Angelina Jolie (“I became a fan after SALT.”
Favorite Director:            Spike Lee
Favorite Quote:              “You want the truth? You can’t handle the truth!”, Jack Nicholson in A Few Good Men

A native of the Bronx, Darian Jerard has a BS in Business Management from Lincoln University in PA.  After many years in Philly, this family man is now a Jersey guy who is enjoying his new gig with IVA.