Player Options

IVA trailers will play in any player you choose to use. Some clients use our Free Trailer API which comes with a player; others build a player in IVA’s Media Manager, and still others use a player they have built themselves. This page will outline your options for players.

Free Trailer API Player

This player is used with our Free Trailer API and is now using our new iframe embed code. This new embed code has HTML5 support built in allowing for use on mobile devices. There is no charge for the player because it is ad supported, and the ads are controlled by IVA.

Subscribers can build a fully customizable player from inside Media Manager.

Cross Platform Player v6

Our Cross Platform player is based off the JW Player v6 and has been enhanced to work with our content, dynamic lists and a few plug-ins to get you up and running if you do not have a player solution already.

Cross Platform Player Featuresv6 Player
Easy Configurationx
MP4 supportx
Adaptive Birate Support (HLS)x (Flash)
Simple Javascript Embed Codex
Javascript APIx
HTML5 Supportx
Flash Support with HTML5 Fallbackx
HTML5 with Flash Fallbackx
Custom Still Service Integrationx
Integrated ad supportx
Mobile Ad Supportx