Welcome to IVA Documentation!

Our documentation pages provide you with the information you need to get the most from our service. The menu on the left of this page points to articles on every facet of putting trailers on your site. Use the menu to jump quickly to the subject you need.

There are two basic steps to putting trailers onto your site. First, get the data about the title you want along with its Published ID. Next, use our Video API to to access one of our many video formats that can be streamed through the player of your choice.   Use our Getting Started guides to choose the service and implementation path that will best fit your needs.  If you still cannot decide on which way is best, have one of our experts guide you through the documentation and all of our services.

"We have three goals: to be a trusted partner for distributing content online; to be industry experts at multiple stream management; and to anticipate the needs of our clients, partners, and consumers."

Rhodes Mason, President - Internet Video Archive

"Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly"

Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation - Netflix (2018)

"IVA provides an easy and flexible solution to integrate data, high quality trailers and images.The IVA API-based services are fit for integration with the Spideo cutting edge Personalization and Discovery technology. IVA also provides a very helpful support service when needed"

Thibault d'Orso, Founder - Spideo (2018)

Additional Services

Of course, there’s a lot more that you can do through IVA.  Aside from our amazing trailer service and API’s you may be  interested in these other services we offer.  Be sure to contact sales to find out more about these great options.

  • Editorial Services – IVA lives and breaths entertainment.  Our expert staff will work with your team to provide weekly trending and thematic editorial lists and artwork unique to you and your audience.
  • Caption and Translation Service – Whether you are looking to be ahead of the curve for accessibility compliance or just want to provide a better experience localized to your audience, IVA provides a way to have any video asset captioned and translated into different languages.
  • Analytics API – IVA captures important data about who, how, and where, your users are engaging with our trailer content and we provide a simple RESTful API so you can pull this data into your own database.  Subscription customers can also access this data inside our CMS, Media Manager, under Analytics -> Client Reports.
  • Advertising Platform –  IVA has developed an advertising platform called AdQ that will dynamically prioritize your ad sources to provide the best user experience while optimizing your revenue.  For more information please visit and sign up for a free trial.
  • Custom Stills Service – This API allows subscription clients to re-size any of our hand-picked stills to their desired size and aspect ratio.
  • Proprietary Video Encoding – IVA can host, encode and serve your proprietary video content through our CMS, Media Manager.  Contact sales if you wish to discuss custom encoding workflows.