Import Data from IVA’s OData API to Excel


  • Be an IVA Customer
  • Microsoft Excel 2010
  • Power Pivot – free download –


1. Download and install Power Pivot.
2. Open Excel and click on the ‘Power Pivot’ tab.
3. Click ‘Power PowerPivot Window’ button on the top left.
4. Click ‘From Data Feed ‘button.
5. In the source put:
6. Click ‘Advanced’.
7. Change Integrated Security to “Basic” and Persist Security to “True”.
8. Enter the User Name: (DeveloperID) and Password: (Media Manager Password)
9. Click ‘Next’. Select the tables you wish to import and click ‘Finish’.
10. Save your spreadsheet and when you want to update it with new information just click “Refresh”