More Content with More Granularity

IVA has added a number of new data points that allow us to meet the business rules of some content creators – and that means that IVA now offers more content from more sources than ever before. For example, while most trailers and previews are always available for viewing through IVA, some content creators prefer to limit the viewing period for a particular preview. So IVA added a field for expiration. These additional fields have been added to our OData API 2.0 and to newer versions of our partner data mapping tables. The new data points are listed below with other fields that developers can use in working with the content.

Expiration Date – The date after which the content is expired and no longer allowed to be streamed. Be sure to check this field in each update, particularly for television previews, as the content may expire soon (less than a week) after it is first ingested.

Allow Ads – Some content owners do not allow ads to be played in front of their content. This field allows developers to follow these business rules, which while infrequent, are nevertheless important.

Region Restrictions – This field indicates if the content owner has restricted the video to specific countries or markets.

Requires IVA Player – Some content can only be played back using IVA’s Cross Platform Player. If you are using our player and have not started taking advantage of this extra content, update to our new feeds and mapping tables. Not using our player? Here’s another reason to switch!

OK To Encode and Serve – In rare cases, copyright owners ask us to suspend playing a trailer (i.e. for legal reasons). Therefore, when this field is set to false, developers should take note and remove the title from display since the content will not stream.

Language Spoken & Language Subtitled – These two fields indicate what language is spoken in the trailer and the language of the subtitles respectively. This information about the video assets allows developers to localize and filter content according to need. This is particularly important for clients who are taking advantage of IVA’s growing catalog of international content.

Enterprise clients should schedule a development call with IVA’s client services to review data ingest and implementation procedures to ensure the best implementation.