Using LINQPad with IVA’s OData API

Learn how to use this useful tool to explore IVA’s OData Data API and see a visual representation of the data contained inside.  If you are new to OData it is a great tool to learn how to construct the URL’s  and to test queries.

LINQPad is a program that allows you to test and run queries against the IVA OData API.  It allows you to see all the properties in the collections and displays the results in an HTML grid.  Use the examples from our Sample Queries page to get a feel for the kinds of data that can be returned.

LINQPad Setup Instructions

1. Download LINQPad here:
2. Set up your connection:

  •    Click Add Connection
  •    Choose WCF Data Services (OData)
  •    URI:
  •    Username: is your DeveloperID
  •    Password: Media Manager Password (if you do not have a Media Manager account you do not need this)
  •    Custom Headers: Click on the link to set up the custom headers.   For the name field input “developerid” and for the value insert your actual developer ID.

If the query is successful you will see all the tables populate underneath the connection.  For a   complete list of the properties in each table and a description of each please see the data dictionary.

3. Take a look at some examples.


  • If you get an error compiling the query make sure that you have chosen VB Expression as the language.
  • If you get an error stating that the underlying connection was terminated be sure that you set up the custom headers above.