Brightcove Customer Integration

Are you a Brightcove customer looking to get IVA’s content inside of your Brightcove’s CMS? No problem!

Using Brightcove’s API, we can publish 3rd party links to our content inside your CMS. If you are using a data provider, you can use those IDs to find the videos you want because IVA is matched to all major providers. Finally, you can use one IVA’s many tags inside of the Brightcove system making it easy to find what you are looking for.

Here are a few questions you should consider before contacting IVA about integrating with your Brighcove account:

  1. Does your Brightcove account level allow for 3rd party links?
  2. IVA will need its own Brightcove developer key with read/write access.
  3. What content do you want written into your account?
    1. Movie, TV, Game, Music
    2. Related content (behind-the-scenes, interviews, etc.)
    3. Localized content (language versions and/or target countries to include/not include)
    4. Redband/Explicit – include/not include
  4. What data do you want to be attached to assets?
    1. What data provider ID do you need?
  5. What frequency do you want us to write to your account – hourly/daily/weekly?

In order for IVA to integrate to a Brightcove account we will need the following:

  • Brightcove API Read Token
  • Brightcove API Write Token
  • Brightcove customer’s Publisher ID

Brightcove Tags Documentation

The table below is for Brightcove customers looking for IVA tags available through Brightcove.  IVA will add the following information as tags into the customers Brightcove account.

  Tag Name  Description
 Copyright Holder  Refers to the company who owns the copyright of the entertainment program.
 Country Of Origin Denotes where the program was made.
 Director Director of the work.
 First Released Year The original year the media was released.
 Home Video Release Date The original year the media was released in stores.
Spoken Language This property describes the primary language spoken in the media.
Subtitle Language This property describes the primary language subtitled in the video asset which is not necessarily the same as the language as the media.
 Target CountryDenotes whether the video asset was made for a specific country.
 Video MPAAMotion Picture Association of America rating for a movie. Only for US.
 Sequence NumberStores televison sequence number.
 Promotes Published ID Displays the parent ID for a trailer.  This is particularly useful for TV seasons (with TV series parents) or TV episodes (with TV seasons parents).
 MediaTypeThe MediaId determines the type of entertainment program the item is. The complete list of media types are, { Movie, Movie Interview, Movie Behind the Scenes, Movie SceneOrSample, Movie Alternate Version, Game, Games SceneOrSample, Game Alternate Version, Other, Tv Series, Tv Show, Tv Season, Tv Episode, Tv Interview, TV Behind the Scenes,TV SceneOrSample,TV Alternate Version }
 PerformersList containing all performers and or artists in this media.
 Theatrical Release DateUS theatrical release date.
Promoting Title NameDisplays the parent record name for a trailer.(Note)  Tv Seasons and Episodes will display the promoting Series name. Exe. A movie alternate, Looper(German Trailer 1) ,would display Looper. An episode, Breaking Bad Season 2 Episode 1, would display Breaking Bad
 Warning Flag This denotes a red band trailer or explicit content. For most content this is set to ‘false’.
 Genre This tag describes what genre the video asset relates to. Below is an exhaustive list of genres by media type.

TV Genres:  Action, Adult, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary,  Drama, Family, Fantasy, Film-Noir, Game Show, History, Horror, Music, Musical, Mystery, News, Reality-TV, Romance,  Sci-Fi, Sport, Talk Show, Thriller, TV Special, War, Western
Movie Genres: Action-Adventure, Animation, Anime, Biography, Children’s, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Health/ Workout, Horror, Musical, Mystery-Suspense, Non-Fiction, Romance, Sci-Fi, Thriller, War, Western

Game Genres: Action,Adventure, Arcade, Compilation, Educational  Fighting, First-Person Shooter, Interactive Play, Martial Arts, Music, Party, Quest, Quiz, Puzzle or Maze, Racing, RPG, Shooting, Simulator, Sports, Strategy, Survival, Horror, Virtual Pet, War, Young Children

ProviderValue = IVA: This is for Brightcove customers to be able to distinguish between content provided by IVA versus another content provider. Please note: The tag names in Brightcove appear lower cased with no spaces.