Entertainment Express API

Entertainment Express API is the fastest and simplest way to add trailers to your application. Search content using your existing data partner Ids, or search trailers by title.  Since you will be accessing the API in real time from your application, there is no need to perform back-end updates, store data, or build out your own trailer api. The newest trailers will be available in minutes all the time.

Choose the API that is right for you.

For working code samples, example code and detailed documentation check out Entertainment Express Standard Documentation or Entertainment Express Pro Documentation.

  • Free
  • Standard
    • Access to over 140,000 videos
    • 1 Application Profile per developer
    • 1,000 Requests per hour
    • Supported by Pre-Roll Advertising
    • 1 Image Size included
    • Application Key Authentication
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  • Paid
  • Professional
    • Access to over 140,000 videos
    • Unlimited Application Profiles
    • 10,000 Requests per hour
    • No advertising. You monetize the content
    • All image sizes supported
    • Application Key + oAuth Authentication
    • Direct links to mp4, hls, hds, etc supported
    • Captions supported, (additional fees apply)
    • Works with your existing player and platform
    • Allows you to brand the player
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