Free Trailer API Player

The documentation for IVA’s Free Trailer API describes how to use our free ad-supported player. First, you need to get a developer ID. Next you should learn how to get Published ID’s from our Data API’s. You can use the Free Trailer API with our Published ID’s to embed videos on your site.

We recommend that you read the Quick Start Guide (free) before continuing on below.

Embedding Video On Your Website

Embedding video has never been easier! The new iframe embed code makes it very simple to embed a video with no need for Javascript. IVA’s new iframe embed code also uses a newer player than the previous version of our free player and has built in HTML5 support adding the ability to reach mobile devices too. Use the tool below to generate a custom embed code to use. You can choose the size, skin, playlist and auto start options to meet your needs. Copy the code from the tool and replace “{ INSERT PUBLISHEDID }” with the published ID of the content you want to play or choose one of our auto generated playlists.

Simple Embed Code Option

The simple embed code configuration is preset to accept any of our published ID’s with the most basic settings. There are pre-configured options for a small, medium or large player. You may also input your own custom size.

Advanced Embed Code Option

The advanced embed code option allows you to easily configure the more advanced options. With this option you can set the size of the player, pick a pre-configured playlist, pick a skin and choose if the player is set to auto start.

Free Trailer API Parameters

Query String ParametersDescription
PlaylistChoose a pre-configured playlist. EX: InTheaters.
AutostartTrue or False. Default is false. Choose true to start the video on page load.
Width and HeightThe width and height must match the width and height of the iframe.
OptionsChoose one of the available skins. Default is Stylish
PublishedidThe Published ID of the video you want to play. EX: The Dark Knight Rises