Getting Started

"The secret of getting ahead is getting started." -- Agatha Christie

IVA offers several options to implement trailers in your applications. To help you get started, we have highlighted specific features to help you decide which implementation is right for you.

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Entertainment Express 1.0

Entertainment Express API is the fastest and simplest way to add trailers to your application when working with Third Party Data Companies. Search content using your existing data partner Ids, or search trailers by title.  Since you will be accessing the API in real time from your application, there is no need to perform back-end updates, store data, or build out your own trailer api. The newest trailers will be available instantly.

  • Real time integration. New trailers are automatically available without any any back-end updates.  Call the api from your application and display the trailers and meta data in real time.
  • All in one solution. Video links, embed codes, images, meta data, and captions are all included in a single JSON object.
  • Fully customizable. Create Application Profile(s) to specify what types of content you want returned from Entertainment Express. Ex: Only Movie Trailers targeted to English – United States.

OData +Video

IVA’s OData API is a RESTful, fully queryable API that allows you to combine different entities, filter, and select the data you need the way you need it. OData is an industry standard protocol.

  • Flexibility: OData offers the richest data set available and access to all meta data captured by IVA.
  • Video Options: OData returns only data. You can combine the OData data with IVA’s Video API, Cross Platform Player, or build your own embeded video player for a robust trailer solution.
  • Lots of Sample Queries: Click Learn More to see a list of our most popular queries.
  • IVA’s OData API is not designed for real time environments and therefore requires data to be cached on your servers.

XML Feeds +Video

IVA publishes several XML data feeds for it’s data partners. These feeds are published daily and contain enough data points and the partner Id to make matching trailers to your database easy.

  • Easy: Ingesting XML files from FTP is easy and works with existing work flows if you are working with a third party data company.
  • Requires Subscription to 3rd party data company.
  • Video Options: Data feeds return only data. You can combine the data feeds with IVA’s Video API, Cross Platform Player, or build your own video player for a robust trailer solution.

Custom Solution

IVA works with the largest media outlets in the world and delivers video content to these outlets continuously.  IVA can deliver video and meta data directly into your Brightcove, Platform, OOYALA, or any other Content Management System.

For more information about Automated Content Workflows, contact us.