Media Manager

Welcome to IVA’s Media Manager!

Media Manager is IVA’s proprietary CMS (content management system). It was designed exclusively for entertainment content and allows you to easily browse our enormous video library, create custom playlists, manage your exclusive content, create custom Flash Players, and much more.  Media Manager is free with every paid subscription (Basic, Professional, Enterprise).  Media Manager 2.0 launched in November 2011 with dozens of new features, including more content, more robust analytics, weekly charts, and an all new dashboard.

Media Manager 2.0 features include:

  • Thousands of content offerings now including TV, games, and international trailers
  • Customizable Cross Platform Player with HTML5 video support
  • Customizable analytics track viewers, play requests, trends, gig usage, category breakouts
  • New dashboard with recently added titles
  • New weekly charts

Documentation for Media Manager includes information on

  • logging in
  • using the dashboard
  • finding content and building playlists
  • adding your own content
  • building your own player, choosing skins
  • adding plugins for shopping, social media, and more
  • creating reports and using analytics

If you have questions on the documentation, please contact: Support

If you have questions about your subscription or suggestions, contact: Customer Service

On behalf of the IVA team, thanks for choosing us!