Add Content

This tool lets you add proprietary content for your site. Proprietary content can only be accessed by your account and not by others in the IVA network. Upload your exclusive content to feature in your website or App.

Step 1

  • Select your media type.(Video/Movie, Game Trailer, Interview, Commercial, Music Video, etc…)
  • Give your content a title to facilitate search (Titles need to be unique)
  • Select a copyright holder
  • Enter a synopsis or description of the video.
  • Select an expiration date (optional).  Most customers do not use this field.
  • Click “Create Title”.

Step 2

  • Select the source of your video to be uploaded. You should see a progress bar showing your video being uploaded.  When it is complete you will receive a message to click finish to submit the video.
  • Your name will be auto populated with your Media Manager user name.  If you like you can edit this before submitting.
  • Your email address will be auto populated from your account information.  Please update if necessary.
  • Click finish once your video has been uploaded.

Step 3

After you have submitted your video this review page will give you:

  • The published ID of your video.  This will be helpful should you need to contact support about your video.
  • A link to check the upload status of your video.  This page also contains options to pick stills, re-submit video, and generate links/embed codes.
  • Option to contact support about your video.

Upload Status – Check the status of your uploaded video by moving your mouse over the “Add Video” button on the navigation bar, then click “Upload Status”.