Create an Upload Form

Use this form generator to generate the HTML to place on your website to allow your users and partners to upload content directly into your account exclusive to you (encoding and storage fees apply*) or into the general Media Manager account.

You will be able to review any proprietary content uploads through the review uploads tool.

  1. Choose if the content is to be exclusive to your account or if you would like this content to be submitted to IVA for review to add to their network and be publicly available.
  2. Choose a category for this content.  Example:  Movie Trailers
  3. Reference ID:  Optional ID if any that you would like to include.
  4. Choose a specific media type for this form or allow the user to select.
  5. Display media type options.  IVA recommends leaving this true.
  6. Choose a skin.

Click “Generate Form” to get the javascript code.