Upload Status

Check the status of your uploaded video by moving your mouse over the “Add Video” button on the navigation bar, then click “Upload Status”.

Many customers upload their proprietary content to IVA for display on their app or website. Our support team is often asked to check on the status of uploaded videos. We are pleased to announce that the Encoding Status page inside Media Manager now reflects more detail on each stage of encoding proprietary video.

  • Title – This field reflects the title you assigned to the file.  Click on the title to take you to the video assets details page.
  • Date Created – The date the file was uploaded
  • Uploader Name – The name of the person who uploaded the file. Hover over  the name to see the email address.
  • Player Embed – Click the link to quickly generate a player embed code to the specific title.
  • Pick Stills – Quickly jump to pick a still for this video asset.
  • Generate Links – Quickly generate a URL to any of our bitrates and formats for the video asset.
  • Replace Video – In rare cases there is an issue with the source file and it cannot be encoded.  Use the replace video link to upload a new source file.
  •  Status –  Hover over the icon to see the status of your file.  The five fields provide specific details about the status of encoding:
    • Video Received – This lets you know that IVA has received the video you uploaded.  If this is not green, please use the “Replace Video” link to upload the file again.
    • Sent to Encoder – Hover over the green check mark to see what time it was sent to the encoder
    • Encode Complete – Hover over the green check mark to see what time the video was encoded
    • Ready to Use – Hover over the green check mark to see what time the video was replicated to our delivery network making it ready to use
    • Notes – Hover over this section to see if the encode was successful or if there was a problem. Our support team gets notified of any files that fail going through the encoding process. Client Services will reach out to the person who sent it to get it fixed
  • Contact Support – Pops open a form to quickly contact support if there is an issue with your file.

The Encoding Status Report lists all the proprietary content encoded by your company in the last 30 days. If you see that one of your encodes has failed and you have not already heard from our support team, contact us and we will work with you to rectify the problem.