Generate Links or Embed Code for a Single Video

Follow the short procedure below to generate a one-off link or embed code for a single video.  First, navigate to the video asset details page of the video for which you want to get a link or embed code.


For generating a one-off link use the link generator on the video asset details page.  The table displays a variety of available formats, including specific MP4 bitrates or one of our adaptive bitrate formats, from which to choose.

Click on the link generator icon in the far left column next to the format/bitrate you wish to use.  For HLS, HSS, HDS, and Dash formats click on the link generator icon next to Adaptive Streaming.


For MP4 formats
•    select the date and time you want the link to expire
•    add a report tag  (optional)
•    click “create link” to generate a link to the video.
For Adaptive Bitrate formats
•    Select date and time for expiration.
•    Add report tag (optional)
•    Select the format (HLS, HSS, HDS, Dash)
•    Redirect or XML – specifies the return type. (Redirect recommended.)
•    Max Bitrate – Maximum bitrate that should be returned.
•    Minimum Bitrate – Minimum bitrate to return.
•    Click “create link” to generate the link to the video.

Embed Code
To generate a player embed code for a single video, click on the cog wheel in the upper right corner of the video asset details page to launch the wizard.

If you do not have a player already set up a default one will be provided.  Use the wizard to choose some basic options, then choose your embed code type (see list below) to view the embed code.

Copy and paste the embed code into your website or application and your all set!