Our new reports are now generated using real time analytics of the raw data from IVA’s Video API. Here are the benefits:

  • Near Real Time Data The data is updated every 30 minutes instead of every two days. You can monitor your viewers and your views in close to real time.
  • No More Sampling We offer all the data, not just a sample. The advantage is that when content is new and the numbers are still small you’ll see the exact plays, no more rounding up or down to mislead you into thinking there is no activity or more than is really there.
  • More Reports You can slice and dice the data in multiple ways for better insights. Note: If you have a high percentage of mobile video users, the new methodology results in significantly lower reported numbers than in earlier reports because range requests (partial video requests which occur in many mobile devices) have been eliminated. While both sets of numbers are correct we believe the new reports are more useful because they are a better reflection of user activity.

Storage – Data will be stored for a period of one year beginning with data for July, 2013. You should get in the habit of storing your reports on your own system should you need long-term data for comparative analysis.

Defining A View (Play) – IVA calls each trailer play a ‘view’. We define a view as any instance of a video being requested by a browser, device, player in which the request is executed. (For more on defining a play/view, see our white paper on the Art and Science of Tracking Trailer Plays.)

Confidentiality – Data for each IVA client can be accessed only by that client and/or their designates. IVA personnel review network data and reports only for the purpose of insuring excellent service.

Billing – Nothing has changed in the way gig usage is tracked, so your billing is not affected in any way.
Go to Usage on the Client Report Dashboard (in the sub-navigation at the top) to check your gig usage by month, broken out to also show Flash player requests, Image Service usage. There is a field for Report Tags so that you can break out specific campaigns if you have tagged them.


There are two menu choices under the ‘Analytics’ tab in Media Manager: “Client Reports” and “Title Reports”. Client Reports takes you two a dashboard which highlights seven main categories of Client Reports:

  • Basics – where you find Viewers, Views, and Usage. Each reports can be customized for a specific date range
  • Video – a listing of the most played content for your account
  • Links – the domains generating viewers for your content
  • Recent Viewers – the most active referrers to your site along with IP addresses
  • Locale – the countries (or cities) generating the most viewers for your content
  • Platforms – where you find a ranking of browsers, operating systems, and hardware generating the most viewers for your site
  • Engagement – a breakdown of viewer activity by the number of views and time spent

In addition to the dashboard, the Client Reports page has a navigation bar at the top which has links to the IVA Charts and to Help. We’ve put together some tips to help you Get the Most Out of IVA Reports.

Title Reports let you access views on a specific title for a specific date range. Start by typing in the name of the movie you want and click it in the drop down menu. Select the markets you are interested in; the default is worldwide.

IVA Charts

The IVA affiliate network reaches a potential audience of nearly 400 million fans each month providing us the ability to offer a robust sampling of trailer activity each week. Use our charts to compare your own activity to the network.

  • Most Popular Movies Releasing This Weekend: This chart shows the percent of interest as gauged by trailer plays across our network for titles being released that week.
  • Most Anticipated Movies Coming Soon: This chart ranks the top 40 movies not yet in theatrical for which we have trailers based on trailer plays across the network.

That’s it! Reports are the fifth tab from the right in the Media Manager navigation. Get going today!

If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments about our new reports, contact