Report Tags for Video API and Cross Platform Player

Report tags allow customers to segment their reporting/analytics. Whether you are using our Video API to create links to the content, our Cross Platform Player, or both, you can add report tags to each that will allow you to analyze your data in a meaningful way. Here are a couple of use cases that will illustrate how to use report tags to get the analytics you want.

Use Case 1:

You need to see analytics for videos being featured on the homepage of your website.


Cross Platform Player: Set the report tag inside the embed code of our cross platform player to “Featured”.


<script type='text/javascript' src='//'></script>

<div id='ivadiv'></div>

<script type='text/javascript'>

IVAPlayer.init('ivadiv', {

customerid: 9999999,

publishedid: '769190',

reporttag: 'featured',

autolist: '',

minrate: '',

maxrate: '',

playerid: 999



Video API: Set the report tag (sub=featured) on any call to the video API from that section of the website only.

Now you will be able to segment your analytics and reports by this report tag inside of Media Manager. From any report click on the Report Tag dropdown and select the tag you would like the reports to reflect.


Use Case 2:

Need to report on usage by platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Desktop).


Have your developers set the report tags as shown in the solution above for each platform implementation allowing you to get video analytics from each platform.

Example: In your iOS implementation set your video API links to include sub=ios.