IVA’s Video Delivery Network

The CDN Solution of Choice for Web Delivery

IVA has partnered with Amazon to use their CloudFront to deliver video around the world. CloudFront provides unmatched performance and scalability for HTTP/web distribution of large libraries of large media objects to large Internet audiences. It is the content delivery network (CDN) of choice for many media enterprises that require massive capacity and high reliability for delivering digital media files such as video, music, games, and software.

A Foundation for the Digital Lifestyle

Today’s audiences, embracing the ‘digital lifestyle’, are requesting greater volumes of content every day. To meet the high expectations of these enthusiastic users, CloudFront enables content providers to make their entire asset libraries available for 24×7 global distribution to broadband and mobile audiences. This frees IVA to focus on giving our clients what they want, without concern for the delivery infrastructure.

Massive Capacity and Scalability

Amazon’s CloudFront network architecture incorporates massively scalable server clusters. Thanks to the network’s extremely high scalability, surges in the popularity of your content translate into revenue and market share, not embarrassing service interruptions.


The CloudFront network features across-the-board resiliency to ensure that content is not exposed to a single point of failure. The global network, large backbone, extensive peering relationships, and sophisticated distribution techniques help steer content around the Internet’s bottlenecks. Amazon CloudFront provides reliable content delivery with a high-availability CDN Service Level Agreement.

More Than a Great CDN

IVA can provide you content in the way that works best for you without being constrained by equipment or technology.  Great video delivery starts with a world class CDN, but also requires that content reach any screen, anywhere, anytime.  So IVA delivers many video formats via a robust cross platform player along with lots of images via HTTP and HTTPS.  We give you flexibility along with a great CDN.