MP4 Recommended for Android

While Adaptive Streaming (HLS, HSS, and HDS) are great options for iOS, set top box applications and websites, MP4 is still the best solution for Android. In our experience with our own implementations and from customer feed back on their implementations, there are just too many variables with Android devices for it to work properly. On some devices the Adaptive works great but on others it can be problematic depending on the implementation and device. The MP4 format had been tested tried and true to work with almost any device or screen. When considering developing a mobile app, we suggest using our MP4 formats for any Android app.

IVA offers the following bit rates for our MP4 format:
•2500 Kbps (HD source only)
•1500 Kbps
• 750 Kbps
• 450 Kbps
• 212 Kbps
• 80 Kbps

Should you have any questions feel free to reach out to our support team.