DTS and 1080P Available Now!

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One great thing about online video is that it keeps moving in the direction of better quality.  It’s improved for IVA clients again with the introduction of two new encodes: DTS and 1080p.

DTSDTS – Cinematic Sound At Home

You may not recognize the name of the company, but you’ve no doubt experienced DTS sound quality in a movie theater.  Stephen Spielberg was an early investor, and “Jurassic Park” was the first movie to be released with this premium quality, discrete multi-channel audio for cinema. Today virtually all major Hollywood feature films are released with soundtracks in the DTS format, and it even won an Academy Award.

DTS – HD surround sound has been incorporated into an array of consumer electronic devices, from DVD players, game consoles, smart phones, set-top boxes, and car audio systems.  In January of 2014, IVA and DTS teamed up to begin providing consumers the latest cinematic movie trailers in this proprietary immersive surround sound.

“Watching trailers on mobile devices and on game consoles are the two fastest growing parts of our business, so we are excited to be working with DTS to offer consumers movie trailers presented in DTS-HD®.  We know they will enjoy experiencing the same cinematic sound heard at the theater whether in the comfort of their own homes, or on the go,” said Rhodes Mason, SVP of Business Development at Internet Video Archive.

IVA is now streaming movie trailers in DTS-HD surround sound.  For more information on DTS visit .  Learn how to find DTS trailers in the IVA database here.720p_vs_1080p-300x207

1080P – HD Quality At an Affordable Price

In our 2013 survey of IVA clients regarding priorities for this year, the addition of 1080p to our list of encodes was almost unanimous.  Sometimes referred to as “Super HD”, this encode is particularly important for those clients with a presence on big screen TV because this high-definition video mode approaches broadcast quality.  We’ve finished testing our 1080p encodes at the office and the images are awesome!  After much research and comparison we decided to master our 1080p at 5000 mps which we think brings our clients great HD quality at an affordable price.  Our 1080p encodes are available now.