Electronic Program Guides, Interactive Program Guides and Beyond!

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The Electronic Program Guide (EPG) has come a long way since the first one launched in 1981.  This menu-based system continuously updates TV listings to show users what is on their linear TV channels.









EPGs have since evolved into Interactive Program Guides (IPG) that allow  users to select and discover programming by time, title, channel, genre, etc.  IPGs can be found on set-top boxes, mobile applications, websites and on IPTVs.

One thing is for certain. Linear television and how users consume content has already seen significant changes and will continue to evolve even to the point where the future of TV listings may only be for live events. As OTT providers release whole seasons at once and on demand options grow, getting users to tune in at a particular time is increasingly difficult.  However, there is no need to abandon innovation around a guide just yet.

One of the more recent developments in IPGs is adding trailers and clips into the listings.  Several studies have shown that trailers for TV and movie content is one of the main reasons users engage with a title.  Adding trailers and clips meets the demands of the video-first audiences and can make the IPG data take on a new life.










Internet Video Archive (IVA) provides the largest catalog of movie and TV trailers that can be utilized for this next phase of the IPG.  IVA’s video catalog is data provider agnostic and we have the tools to allow you to easily integrate our previews with your own data or that of your data provider (Nielsen, Tivo, FYI, etc).  If you are looking to launch an IPG, IVA can offer you TV listing and program metadata for North America as well.  With this data, you can answer the age-old question of “what is on tonight.”