Expanded Popular Movies and Shows Charts

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Internet Video Archive (IVA) has popped the lid off of its popular movie and TV APIs.  We’ve expanded the response of these popular charts to include thousands of the most relevant and popular titles of the database in a single ranked list.  IVA compares data from around the web and uses our own trailer data to help come up with this comprehensive list of what is popular.

Combine the rank with other key metadata points from the titles in the list to come up with additional sub groups all ranked by popularity.  

  • By availability: Popular movies available on Netflix
  • By genre: Top 100 horror films or top 100 family movies
  • By release dates: Most popular TV series of the 1980’s
  • By people:  Top movies and TV shows featuring Neil Patrick Harris
  • By tag: Top superhero movie and TV shows

Rankings can help surface content to push to users from your current catalog as well as inform you of content that is popular but maybe you are not licensing.  Taken a step further, trailers for popular content not currently offered on the system could drive interest while providing valuable data back to the provider.

There are many ways this data can be used to increase engagement, user experience, and even auto curate content lists.  Contact sales to find out how you can gain access to this data and much more.

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