Give Your Viewers Back Their Lives By Giving Them The Content They Want

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People spend an enormous amount of time browsing for a movie or TV show.  Some estimates say we spend 4.9 days a year browsing for something to watch.  There is a way to give your viewers back those days of their lives: use movie and TV recommendations, ratings and tags.

Internet Video Archive (IVA) has partnered with XroadMedia, a leader in personalized and contextual recommendations to semantically connect content using IVA’s Entertainment Express APIs.  The proposition is simple: if a viewer is interested in one title, XroadMedia can recommend other titles that are similar.  By surfacing relevant content to viewers, service and content providers can increase engagement and purchases.

IVA also has integrated ratings and reviews from Metacritic.  Metacritic provides a metascore that rates content from 1 to 100 based on the most respected movie and TV critics in print and online.  This way, users can browse top rated programs and get back review information as well.  IVA offers this at no cost to its customers where Rotten Tomatoes has a cost.

Lastly, content can easily be grouped by tags in IVA’s movie and TV APIs.  If a user likes a particular movie that has a tag of “New York City,” then it is easy to show them other movies with the same tag.  

Give your viewers back some of their life. Connect them to the content they want to watch without the frustration and they will thank you for it.

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