ID-Free Entertainment Data Matching

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Many Pay-TV operators, retailers and VOD licensees of movie and TV content get data directly from their licensors.  This could mean hundreds, if not thousands, of sources that are submitting metadata about their content. Each might use a different ID set with varying matched quality.  Each might have different levels of metadata sets. What you can be sure of is that each licensor will have varying data standards. If the data you display is faulty, your user experience will take a hit.  Does the data you receive have any of the following problems?

  • Missing data or null values
  • Irregular characters
  • Dirty data with unwanted spacing
  • Duplicates
  • Out of date information
  • Title variations or misspellings

So how do you normalize all these data sources to create a clean and standardized master database of your own?

Internet Video Archive (IVA) has the solution that not only can help you scrub studio/network data and deduplicate it but also  supplement it with more metadata, images, trailers/clips. Using IVA’s Entertainment Match API, you can input movie and TV information and our algorithm will compare with IVA data to produce a probabilistic match score.  Include the data listed below to improve your match probability. You can even control how fuzzy you want the title match by setting the string distance. Data that can be inputted includes:

  • Alternate Titles
  • Year of Release
  • Cast Members
  • Producers
  • Directors
  • Descriptions
  • Poster Image
  • Release Date

In response, you will have access to IVA’s entertainment data records that includes rich metadata on over 175K movies and 64K TV shows, over 1 million poster and photos, and 200K promotional videos that can supplement and help you fix data errors.  IVA’s own ID’s also connect to ID’s for EIDR, social media, open source, and paid databases.

By using IVA’s Match API instead of relying on 3rd party ID matching, you will ensure accuracy and mitigate the risk of polluting a master database with potential mismatches.  Also, if you have to migrate away from a paid database provider, IVA’s Match API could be utilized to help with your transition.

To learn more on how you can match, supplement and clean your entertainment data, contact IVA at or sign up for a demo here.