Investment in Discovery Pays Off

  |   Research and Statistics


A new report from DigitalSmiths on consumer behavior indicates that the shift towards subscription VOD services and away from traditional pay-TV could be due to increased investment in recommendation and discovery services.

3,150 consumers were polled, and asked whether they felt it was “easy” to find something to watch on OTT services as well as on Pay-TV. OTT offered the best experience, with over 78% of those polled saying it was those services that made finding desired content easier. This was followed by transactional VOD catalogs, with linear TV services a distant third.

Part of the reason for OTT’s success is that companies like industry-leader Netflix invest “incredible amounts” of time and money understanding its subscriber base, and that wealth of data allows them to create deeply personalized recommendations, which Netflix estimates drives a whopping 75% of views. More and more SVOD companies are seeing the benefits of investing in recommendation and discovery services, including movie trailers and TV promos.

IVA is a major component in enhancing discoverability across SVOD, TVOD and even linear programming. Our trailer catalog contains over 120,000 video assets that help connect viewers with the movies and TV shows they are looking for. This content will only become more important over time, as viewers come to expect their OTT, VOD, and linear cable services to offer them rich, detailed information on what is available, and leave those who do not behind.