Lila Harder, IVA Office Dog

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Lila at work

Lila at work

IVA’s newest addition is perky but quiet, friendly, but well-behaved.  Her name is Lila and she is a Sheba Inu.  Lila mostly hangs out in Brett’s office where she acts as his official greeter, offering all visiters a tail wag and a lick.  Occasionally she can be seen getting a venison treat from Matt (who gets them for his dog Dexter). Lila is quickly learning the ropes of being a great office dog, so we thought that we would interrupt Lila’s busy schedule (of sniffing and snoozing) to learn about her entertainment preferences:

Favorite Movie of All Time:     Balto
Favorite Actor:                       Rin Tin Tin
Favorite Actress:                    Lassie
Favorite Drama:                     Homeward Bound
Favorite Comedy:                   Air Bud
Favorite Horror Flick:             Cujo
Favorite Sequel:                     Look Who’s Talking Now

Favorite Movie Quote:          “All dogs go to heaven because dogs are naturally good and loyal and kind.”

Favorite Animated Dog:       Scooby Doo  (Goofy is not a dog!)
Favorite Dog on TV:             Eddie on Frasier

Favorite Cartoon Strip:        Snoopy (Anything but Garfield.)

Lila, you have pretty good taste!  See you around the office!