Make Your Own Halloween Movie and TV Lists!

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The holiday season is upon us!  Halloween kicks it off and you can be sure that every programmer and editor has set their features to this horror filled holiday.  But there is a way to use technology to help you shape your Halloween themed lists. Internet Video Archive (IVA) has APIs for movie and TV content that can return popular horror movies and TV shows.  


Using our Entertainment Search, you can easily query our database to make a list of the top rated horror films of the 1980’s available for streaming in the US:

Genre: Horror

Year Range Start: 1980

Year Range End: 1989

Minimum IVA Rating: 80


Here are some of the results I got back:


An American Werewolf in London

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Shining


Evil Dead II

The Fly

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

The Return of the Living Dead


Evil Dead

The Thing

Santa Sangre


A solid list of top rated 1980’s horror movies but is that the Sweeney Todd movie by Tim Burton that was made in the 2000’s?  No, actually it is a recorded stage play with Angela Lansbury from 1982.  The description for Santa Sangre says “It is unlike any movie you have seen before…or ever will.”  That makes me want to see it!


By using the availability data, you can search by OTT services for best horror TV shows using the following query:

Providers: Amazon Prime

Availability Countries: US

Genres: Horror

Minimum IVA Rating: 80


Here are some of the titles I got back:

The Twilight Zone


American Horror Story

13 Nights of Elvira

Dark Shadows

Harper’s Island

The League of Gentlemen




Then I changed Providers to Netflix and got the following results that were different from Amazon Prime:


Penny Dreadful

Santa Clarita Diet

Les Revenants

Stranger Things




The Haunting of House Hill

The Walking Dead

Ash vs. Evil

Vampire Diaries

Bates Motel


If you just wanted to display the trailers, you can limit to titles with video too. IVAs Entertainment Search is an incredible tool that can assist programmers and editors in creating lists based on a number of facets.  Contact IVA at or sign up for a demo here.  More holidays are coming up soon, so hurry!