Media Manager

Media Manager

Creating entertainment content just got easier.  In the age of “Infinite Content,” knowing what new movies, TV shows or games are coming out can take hours to figure out.  Now there is an interface for IVA clients’ editorial teams that can assist them writing reviews, creating lists, or reporting on what is trending across a massive database of movies, TV shows, celebrities and video games.  Welcome to Media Manager, the perfect entertainment editor’s tool.


Each All Access Solution customer gets complementary logins to Media Manager for their editorial staff.


  • Entertainment news feed from multiple industry sources
  • Daily trending lists for movies, TV shows, games and celebrities based on social media, video plays, popular lists, box office revenue and more.
  • Search and browse over 270,000 movies, TV shows and game titles for data such as release dates, cast/directors, genre, tags, availability on digital retailers and streaming services, official website, etc.
  • Search over 2 million celebrities for film/TV appearances, social media links, images from movies and TV shows, birth dates, etc.
  • Access over 4 million posters and photos with tags, sexuality/violence ratings, image sizes and easily download.
  • Get direct video links that work with various video players such as Brightcove, JW Player, Kaltura, Ooyala, etc. saving on encoding and hosting costs.
  • Customize interface to dark or light themes
  • Ad-free
  • Easy to use

Sample of articles created using Media Manager

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