Meet Rhodes Mason, IVA’s Biz Dev Iron Man

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R.Mason.IVA.2011Rhodes Mason, Vice President, Business Development


Rhodes Mason is in charge of IVA’s Biz Dev, which includes overseeing the company’s content acquisition activities as well as heading up our sales team. Since coming to IVA in 2005, Rhodes has been instrumental in helping the company to hit new sales plateaus, and has opened up new markets, including internet connected devices, radio, mobile, and international.

We’re not surprised by Rhode’s success with IVA. He has a background in sales and marketing that includes stints at major ad agencies (Foote Cone & Belding, Draft Worldwide) and in the music industry where he was President of Nuclear Blast Records. But Rhode’s real secret weapon is that he is a Class A Movie Geek.  He was one of those kids who skipped school to stand in line on the opening day of The Empire Strikes Back. He did it again for Pink Floyd’s The Wall  – only this time his algebra teacher saw him leaving the theater.

Lots of employees at IVA are movie buffs, but Rhodes is one of two who also went to film school. (The other one is our CEO Jed Horovitz).  As you can imagine, lots of the hallway talk involves pop culture, including what movies or TV shows you’ve seen, (or want to see), what video game you’ve got a new high score at, or what new music you’re listening to.  There are  quite a few fan boy challenges each week among IVA staffers to name the actor in such and such a film, or say who directed the sequel to that film, or to quote correctly from a famous scene.  Rhodes is usually one of the winners, with an encyclopedic memory for film.  These days his biggest challenge is finding movies he hasn’t yet seen, so he keeps the Video Detective team on their toes.

But, dang it’s not just movies he’s good at!  His work at the record label, and also booking a rock club in Philly has made him pretty knowledgable about music too.  (Ask him about the time he hung out with Chrissie Hynde from The Pretenders.)   He has an awesome comic book collection that, yes, includes all of Marvel Avengers.

We asked Rhodes to name a few of his favorites for us:

Favorite Movie:       Blade Runner
Favorite Actor:        Charlie Chaplin
Favorite Actress:    Kathryn Hepburn
Favorite Director:   Martin Scorcese
Favorite Sequel:     Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Quote:      ‘Rosebud”

What He’s Watching On His Tablet:  Dexter

All-time Favorite Band: Rolling Stones

Says Rhodes “”Our clients are constantly pushing the envelope.  I really enjoy working with them to develop winning strategies for online video that will work across all devices.”

Rhodes is a Philadelphia native, with a BA in Communications from Temple University.  But he’s also a married guy with two little ones who have him watching Shake It Up and Johnny Test.