Mobile Drives Up TV Viewing in the UK

  |   Research and Statistics

A new study from TV Licensing’s Telescope 2013 finds that increased viewing of programs on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones is fueling an increase in TV viewing overall in the UK.

Sales of tablets reached 11% of all UK homes last year while smartphone ownership increased to 39%.  The result has been that 63% of tablet owners and 27% of smartphone owners now watch TV live on their devices.

At the same time, the average UK household now has just 1.83 TV sets, down from an average of 2.3 sets in 2003.

The increased activity on mobile devices has been enough to lift TV viewing to 4 hours and 2 minutes a day from 3 hours and 36 minutes in 2006.  Additionally, the study found that mobile devices are spurring social networking around television programs.  Approximately 40% of all tweets between 6:30pm and 10:00pm are about TV shows.

Ahem – are you making TV previews available to your mobile customers?