More Than Half of Millennials Have “Show-Dumped”

  |   Commentary

With more TV content available than ever before, consumers–especially Millennials–are being extremely selective when deciding what to watch. And as a new article shows (“More Than Half of Millennials Have ‘Show-Dumped'”, by Michelle Clancy), they are more likely than others to “Show Dump” when a TV series is too difficult to access. In a landscape where there are thousands of shows to watch, a TV network can’t afford to have one of their shows suffer that fate.

Millennials, on average, spend 32 minutes per day looking for something to watch, an extraordinary commitment of time. One way for TV networks to take advantage of that commitment would be to make sure there is series, season, and episode preview content available on recommendation engines (such as Rotten Tomatoes, TV Guide, Metacritic) for these potential viewers to see. To not do so is throwing money–and potentially an entire TV series–away.

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