More Video, More Profit

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For decades, a trailer has proven to be the best way to promote entertainment content. For many consumers, it is their first glimpse at a movie, TV, or video game. A trailer debut is an event in itself and in one view, can create demand to buy or watch a title. Before digital, trailers could only be seen in a movie theater or on TV as part of a media buy. Digital has evolved consumers into new viewing patterns and the search and discovery of content has become increasingly sophisticated. Just offering a trailer will not always satiate the demand for more promotional content that can drive consumers towards a purchase.

Selected scenes, interviews, TV spots, and other related content are fast becoming just as important as a trailer. IVA’s sophisticated database makes sure this additional material is connected via metadata to the main title, making it easier for consumers to see all the available promotional content. IVA is seeing 25-30% of its viewers engaging with these ‘extras.’ To maximize consumer interest, send all your promotional videos to IVA where it is organized around your title and consumers can go down ‘the rabbit hole’ of discovery about your title. The data consistently shows that video is creating greater intent of purchasing or watching your title.

A consumer looking to rent or buy a movie, TV, or game is 64% more likely to purchase once they view a video (Comscore), and stay on a site two minutes longer on average.

More than half of all consumers–52%–say watching a product video makes them more confident about clicking that “buy” button (Invodo).

FANDANGO jbThat is a tremendous opportunity to engage with a highly motivated consumer, and why it is important to make sure every piece of promotional content possible is available for those who want it. Consumers looking for material related to a title like Disney’s The Jungle Book are open to watching more than just the trailer. Making more promotional video content just a click away keeps them engaged with the content longer.

Many of the most popular entertainment sites and apps that IVA partners with are embracing this additional content. Fandango’s Video Carousel and Rotten Tomatoes’ “Videos” section take advantage of multiple assets by making it fun and easy for the customer to watch more. Additionally, retailers such as Comcast and Apple are offering ‘extras’ to grow sell-through. No matter what promotional video content you produce, IVA’s database is set-up to manage it.

Please make sure you are servicing IVA with all your trailers, selected scenes, interviews, TV spots, and more and get it placed with our partners who guide and retail your content to consumers outside of the cacophony of catch-all video sites.