Nevermind: Game Review

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Staff Review by Rebecca Horovitz, IVA’s Acquisitions Coordinator for Games.

I recently got to do a review on a really cool game called Nevermind, and I’d like to share my thoughts about it with you. Nevermind is a psychological journey through hidden memories and buried trauma. You spend time looking for hidden photos to help trigger lost memories of trauma patients. The game is smooth, beautiful, and increasingly disturbing as you make correlations between the visual subconscious and the trauma the patient has been through. A simple “I spilled” message scribbled on paper correlates to a milk carton that hides disturbing descriptions on the back. “It’s your fault,” is plastered all over the first quest subtly at first and then with painfully blaring plainness. It conveys very well that guilt is such a common feeling among people who have experienced trauma or any type or mental distress; just one of the facts that passes onto the player about the human mind and trauma.

nevermindgame1The controls are smooth, the story linear with just enough exploration to show off the eerie art. The graphics were unique and I hope that with more time and money more effort will be able to be put into their next episode. This game has done its research, created its art, and made its point. I expect the next episode to have even better surreal art, better facial rendering, and an even more chilling story. Nevermind is a must buy for people interested in the human mind.

It’s really cool. Check it out on Steam!