Nielsen 2014 Moviegoing Report: Movie Trailers Still King

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Though this is no big surprise, it’s still nice to have Nielsen confirm what we all know to be true:  that movie trailers are still the top way American’s get their information about movies.  Whether the trailer is delivered as a TV spot, or on a mobile phone, trailers work.

According to the report trailers on TV still deliver the most eyeballs because Americans still spend more time watching traditional TV than they spend watching video online or on devices. (This number is gradually declining as more people get smartphones and tablets. )

For our purposes it’s the online numbers that are really compelling. When the trailer is delivered online, where there is the opportunity to click on the ad,  play an additional trailer, or buy a movie ticket, they do!

Almost 80% of moviegoers
said they would click on an online movie ad
for a movie that interests them.

The numbers tell the story.


Nielsen Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 11.37.32 AM


Says Nielsen:  “Moviegoers said they searched for more info about a movie (37%), clicked on the ad (25%), liked or followed the official movie account (22%), and reposted /shared the ad (10%).”   Here’s the link to the study.