Nielsen’s 66 Different Demographic Segments

  |   Research and Statistics

NielsenlogoResearch companies have broken demographic groups into more than just age, sex, and income for many years.  Nielsen has taken this effort to a whole new level by the addition of ethnicity, presence of children, city/suburban/rural, where they shop, what they read, and what they watch.  It all adds up to sixty-six different categories; one can get a bit confused.  Nevertheless segmenting customers continues to be popular and useful.

Here are just a handful of Nielsen’s categories along with their creative names:

 02 Blue Blood Estates
 04 Young Digerati     06 Winner’s Circle   08 Executive Suites  
 15 Pools & Patios
 16 Bohemian Mix
 21 Gray Power
 24 Up-and-Comers
 30 Suburban Sprawl
 43 Heartlanders
 46 Old Glories
 61 City Roots


Curious about which category best describes you?  Or your target audiences?

Here’s a link to the latest Nielsen “Segment Explorer”.