One Million Video Files, And Other Surprising Numbers

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One million video files.  

That’s what it takes at IVA to make sure our video trailers play on any device at the best possible quality.  Every single piece of video content needs to be encoded into six different formats (with another one on the way).

So how do all those video files break down into trailer plays?  Let’s take a look.

MEDIA  PLAYS in 2013 
Movie Trailers  130 million
Movie clips   5.1 million
Alternate trailers   3.6 million
Interviews   988,000
Behind the Scenes clips   486,000
 TOTAL  140,174,000
Series   284,000
Season   555,000
Episodes   504,000
 TOTAL  1,343,000

Movie trailers have the most plays and there are several reasons why.

  1. Movie trailers are the number one most featured content for entertainment related sites and apps.
  2. Movie trailers are often available a year or more in advance of theatrical release date.
  3. Movie trailers continue to be available for the VOD and DVD/Blu-ray.
  4. Movie trailers have been available online longer than any other promotional content.

What’s the takeaway?  There are several:

  1. Movie fans are interested in more than just the trailer as the plays for related media show.  So if you have room to offer related media your fans will be grateful.
  2. TV numbers are strong but shouldn’t be compared to movies. Many IVA clients are just starting to roll out TV, and not all networks or TV content providers are making their previews widely available yet.  Yet, there were 1.3 million plays last year.
  3. Some episodic trailers are available for only a few days, but there were still over half a million plays.
  4. Season trailers are important and are what fans want if no episode trailer is available.

If you’ve been thinking about adding TV to your offering, now is the time to do it.