Online Video Just Keeps Growing

  |   Research and Statistics

IVAnumberNerdsThe IVA Number Nerds wait with breathless anticipation each month for the latest reports on how much online video is watched by Americans according to comScore. The double digit increases make us swoon, especially when they are accompanied by such descriptors as ‘astonishing’ or ‘eye-popping’ in the press write-ups that follow. (How come no one ever says ‘unbelievable’?)

So when IAB reported that online ad spends in 2013 surpassed broadcast ad spends, the Number Nerds were not surprised. We’ve been online for years, dahling! Nevertheless, since we are Number Nerds, let’s take a look at all the numbers.

February Stats from comScore


  • 49.2 billion videos watched by Americans online
  • 24.6 billion video ads watched by Americans online
  • video viewing up 49.1% year over year
            • video ad viewing up 148.5% year over year


2013 IAB Report on Ad Spends in the US


  • $42.8 billion spent on Internet advertising
  • $2.8 billion spent on video ads online
  • $12.9 billion spent on display ads online
  • video spend was up 19%
  • display spend was up 30%

OK, there’s the complete story. Nice increases in both video and ad spending, and lots of growth to look forward to. We think broadcast advertising spends are going to be around for a while. Not too astonishing, is it?