Pay-TV Operators Need to Innovate but Where?

  |   Commentary, Research and Statistics


After reading Nagra and MTM’s report “Industry Perspectives on a Year of Pay-TV and OTT Convergence” it is clear that the industry is operating in shifting sands and the future is difficult to predict.  However, one thing that 89% of Pay-TV executives agree on is:


“Pay-TV service providers will have to innovate to enhance customer experience, delivering improved user interface features to support content discovery, personalisation, and seamless multi-platform content offerings.”


If you look across the playing field, one of the most innovative companies in the space is Netflix.  They are constantly working on improving their user experience and personalising content.  Pay-TV platforms have partnered with Netflix around the world, recognizing the need to integrate and offer a singular interface between OTT and pay-TV.


One of the more recent innovations Netflix introduced are previews on their OTT interface and mobile application.  In April 2018, their press release stated:


“Years of testing has made it clear that video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly,” Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation at Netflix.


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